About Amy Bellis Jackson, Painter

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Transplanted from upstate New York a lifetime ago, I now live happily in Huntsville, Ala., trying to capture little bits of the beautiful that blooms from rich soil, warm skies and the humans I get to call friends.

At 43, I found myself with two kids growing like weeds, an encouraging husband and the rare chance to change (and choose) my next career. While cleaning out my childhood bedroom (yes ... at 43), I was unexpectedly reunited with unfinished paintings I left behind when I shipped off to college.

It felt a little like unfinished business. So the painting began. 

Pushing with fingers. Shaping with knives. Dragging brushes. All with a sense of urgency for commemorating these days on canvas and wood—whether it's fleeting spring colors, a glimmer of autumn on water or a peaceful nod to places real and imagined. 

I'm thrilled to know my pieces find a place in homes where they become visual reminders to slow down a bit. To stand in awe of nature. To travel. To tuck kids in a little longer. To capture both the broad strokes and the fine lines of our days.

PS: I'm also Dog Mom to The Official Maggie Jackson


Amy B. Jackson is a figurative artist/painter living in Huntsville, AL. Each original painting is inspired by her love for what she calls "ridiculously gorgeous nature, good-hearted humans & perfect soundtracks" that accompany her meditative painting practice.


Since each painting is hand-made (between wrangling kids, dogs & this messy life), you may find something you love but it's "sold out."

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