Greetings From Huntsville (Jones Valley) Flat Note Cards (5-pack)

Greetings From Huntsville (Jones Valley) Flat Note Cards (5-pack)

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Early morning fog has just lifted in this scene from Huntsville's Jones Valley—one of the largest in-city farms in the country and a pastoral oasis smack dab in the middle of crowds and commerce. 

Send a note to someone who could use some sweet words and a glimpse of the unexpected serenity we all experience on the way through our lovely valley.

(5-pack of cards & envelopes)


Amy B. Jackson is a figurative artist/painter living in Huntsville, AL. Each original painting is inspired by her love for what she calls "ridiculously gorgeous nature, good-hearted humans & perfect soundtracks" that accompany her meditative painting practice.


Since each painting is hand-made (between wrangling kids, dogs & this messy life), you may find something you love but it's "sold out."

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